Handkerchief Heaven: Silk Pocket Handkerchief - Pink

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Price: £ 14.95
Model: TPH01A/5
Selected Colour: Pink
Selected Size:
  • Plain 100% Silk Top Pocket Handkerchief
  • Woven border details and hand rolled hems.
  • One Size - 37cm x 37cm (15"x15")


How to wear a pocket handkerchief:

- Stuff it. Even if you prefer a square top to the handkerchief when it peeps out of your breast pocket, stuff it in. Just fold it into a square and then stuff it in.

- Don’t attempt a razor-sharp thin white line. It should look like it’s meant to be used anyway.

- If you are also wearing a tie, the colour of the handkerchief can pick up on a minor colour in the tie, shirt or anything else. Or pick up on nothing, just harmonise with the other colours (in the same way the tie does).

- The key to stopping the handkerchief falling down inside the pocket is to make sure part of it is touching the bottom of the pocket. Stuff it in until it touches, then pull out what you need. The Lazy Fold is a good way to achieve this.

- The only real quality consideration in a handkerchief is that the edges should be hand-rolled: turned and secured with broadly spaced stitches. If there is a straight line of thread joining these stitches, that is a machine imitation of a hand roll.


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