Pampeano: Pampeano Polo Belt - Principe

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Price: £ 65.00
Model: Pampeano Belt Principe
Selected Colour: Principe

Pampeano Argentinian Casual Belt - Principe Design

  • An ideal belt to wear with casual trousers and jeans
  • Standard 1 3/8" width (3.5cms)
  • Suitable for men or women
  • This Pampeano belt is the traditional leather with cream diamond and a red centre
  • The belt fastens with a brass buckle.



The Principe Polo Belt is Pampeano's infamous regal option with cream diamonds and a red centre expertly stitched into the Argentinian leather. 

Known as gaucho belts, Aztec belts and polo belts, these unique pampa designs are making an iconic statement both on and off of the polo pitch. Only the most premium buttery Argentine leather and the highest quality threads are used in creating these stunning time pieces. This polo belt has been skilfully made in our factory located in central Argentina by true artisans, taking four to five hours to hand craft and stitch each one.

Suitable for both men and women of any age whether you play polo or not, the Multi is a fine choice from our collection. This polo belt is also available in skinny with a 2.5cm gauge as opposed to the standard 3.5cm gauge of our polo belts for further versatility.


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