m.e.n.s. Trousers: m.e.n.s. Dress Wool Stretch Trouser - Mid Grey

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Price: £ 139.00
Model: m.e.n.s Trousers 9620-023 Mid Grey

m.e.n.s. trousers - dress wool mix trouser in colour Mid Grey

  •  a new German trouser manufacturer for us, producing a high quality garment
  • smart dress wool mix trouser - stretch cloth
  • fully elastic waistband
  • washable - 30 degrees
  • 60% wool, 38 poly, 2 elastin
  • stretch belt included
  • half lined, taped trouser bottoms
  • we stocked this brand over 30 years ago. Then it was called 'Mobil Elasto'. The name was changed in 2004 to m.e.n.s - which stands for Mobil Elasto New Style. We are very pleased again to be offering such a good quality garment.



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