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Handkerchief Heaven: White Nottingham Lace Handkerchief - Ladies' Handmade Handkerchief - HF411

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Price: £ 14.95
Model: Nottingham Lace Handkerchief HF411

Lace Handkerchief - Wedding Handkerchief 

This beautiful lace handkerchief is made with a centre of cotton lawn.

Each handkerchief is completed with a stunning selection of Nottingham needlerun, Leivers or guipure lace.Handkerchief measures 10.5" x 10.5" (27cm x 27cm)


An intricate Leivers Lace pattern depicting stylised roses which surrounds a fine lawn cotton centre.

Our personalised ladies handkerchiefs are a lovely traditional gift to give to the women in your wedding party. Our high quality Nottingham Lace hankies are handmade using traditional lace and fine cotton lawn in our own Nottingham sewing studio.

Wedding handkerchiefs for brides are a traditional item to carry on their wedding day, to mop up her happy tears or tears of joy. Originally, they would have been hand embroidered with a brides initials and wedding date. They often became family heirlooms, and past down from Mother to Daughter. This meant that a brides heirloom wedding hankie could be used as her something old.





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